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Living Life "Flat Out"

That little bit "extra" can make all the difference in the world

It’s that time of the year again when we have all settled in for the holidays. This time last year I sat down with Robin and made a plan for what we would achieve during the coming months and the new year, and for the most part we hit our targets. 

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For the most part.

Don't Let Your Goals Spoil

I have left unmet goals on the table for most of my life. Some of those goals would have resulted in truly great achievements. Have you ever wondered how different life would be for you if you accomplished all you have dreamt of?

Chiropractor PasadenaMost of the time the difference between mediocrity and greatness is only a matter of two or three degrees more heat. 

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If you heat water to a temperature of 210 degrees what you have is hot water. Heat the same water up to 212 degrees and you have boiling water. And that makes steam. Steam powers the great engines of nations. We once ran locomotives with it and the resultant transcontinental railway propelled us along an unprecedented path of prosperity. 

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Now, what do you suppose would have happened if we had only heated the boilers of those great engines to only 210 degrees? I’ll bet that if you were to turn up the heat in your life just 2 degrees that you too would make truly remarkable achievements.

Turn Up The Heat On Your Life!!!

This then leads to the question of why it is that people do not exert their energies toward greater achievement? I have been told that, “Discipline is the price one pays for achievement” But discipline requires confronting what is uncomfortable. 

In this instance, confront means to be there comfortably and face what is in front of you. How much discomfort can be endured by a life lived in mediocrity! What hangs in the air between mediocrity and greatness is what I call, confrontational tolerance. Some folks can confront anything. Some shrink in the face of it.

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Recently I heard a runner recant the story of a race that he ran “Flat Out.” Although he had not even come close to winning the race, it really was a great story, and all who were within earshot were enthralled with his victory. That victory so inspired me that I wondered what my life would be like if I lived it “Flat Out”

Let’s all be brave this year. Be bold in your pursuits and live life "Flat Out!"

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Warmest Regards,
Steve Smith - Your friendly, neighborhood Pasadena Chiropractor


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