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The Distinction Between Interested and Interesting

People Are Like Gifts Just Waiting To Be Unwrapped

What I like most about attending different running groups is the many amazing people I have come to know while pretending to be just running. 

Every person has a story that they have been working on, it is the story of their life. There are stories of triumphs and failures. There are the daily tribulations and small victories - how someone was helped by their efforts, and how they made misjudgments. 

I am almost always inspired by what I hear from my fellow runners. Seeing you all at the Rose Bowl has become an indispensable part of my life. 

Hearing your stories renews me with hope.


The Difference Between Being Interesting and Being Interested

There is a point of view one can take that opens doors for seeing the extraordinary. It is called interest. There is a distinction that is worth noting, the difference between being interested and interesting. 

Try being interested for awhile and you’ll meet the most interesting people on earth.

Chiropractor In PasadenaIt is one of those funny little paradoxes of life. By being interesting, people will invariably be bored with you but by being interested you appear  fascinating. 

When my son was younger, he brought the strangest kids to the house. There were all manner of tattoos and piercings and story tellers and painfully quiet kids.

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They were trying so hard to be interesting, which made for difficult conversations around the dinner table. Then there were the ones that just wanted to know everything, the curious ones who found joy in every detail of our lives. Those kids are the ones I keep in touch with. They’re just so interesting.

Get To Know A New Runner

Next time you are at a group run I hope you’ll take a few minutes to get the story of a runner who is unknown to you. People are like gifts, just waiting to be unwrapped - and inside there is a wonderful surprise. Go ahead, unwrap one!

See you on the roads and trails!

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