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Tough Runs


I had a tough run last Thursday. 

I was tired after a long day at the office then worked like a dog during the day. I was about to blow off the morning run and a get little more rest before getting on with the day ahead, when a voice echoed in my head,

"You aren’t going to be reasonable are you I”

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It would have felt good to rest up, I certainly deserved it. But it would have been the kind of rest that comes with a pang of guilt, the kind of guilt laced with a tiny sting of failure. 

This is not the rich, creamy, rest that comes after a big victory from one of life’s battles well fought. 

This is the kind of rest used to build a string of insidious failures that when fully assembled become life's habits. 

Let one day of reasonableness creep in and you have opened the door to mediocrity. Reasonable habits get reasonable results. It’s only a little bit less than 100%, and not much less than that. Certainly acceptable, especially in the world of excuses; where, by the standard of others, you would be judged at well above average.

Average?! Never Be Judged By Average!

What kind of yard stick is average?

Never be judged by average! 

As I've said before, it takes 212° to boil water. Boiling water makes steam, drives powerful engines, and builds nations! But 211 ° is just hot water. Just a few more degrees of heat and you have more power than you know what to do with. 

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Can You Be #Unreasonable?

Can you turn up the heat just a few more degrees? Can you be just a little bit better? Not a lot, just a little. Can you be just a little more patient, kind, cheerful, helpful? Can you get up and put just a little more effort into your workouts?

In the military we had it drilled into our psyche: In the heat of battle, you will not rise to the occasion, you will fall back on your training!

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Train well for your marathons, and in life, and you'll not be required to rise to the occasion!

What ever you can dream of and believe in, you can achieve. You can only have as much as you can reach for. Be outrageous and reach for it, stretch!

You are truly extraordinary, a unique person, capable of so much.

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Warmest Regards,
Steve Smith - Your friendly, neighborhood Pasadena Chiropractor

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