iPhone Running App

Steve Smiths, "Stretch&Run" iPhone/iPad App Provides you with 48 incredible Stretch & Exercise Videos

When it comes to iPad and iPhone running apps, there’s a lot to choose from. However, all running apps are not created equally. The best running apps for iPhone focus on keeping your body healthy with all the strain placed on it by this challenging, yet rewarding activity.

Stretch&Run, created by Dr. Smith, teaches you all the essential stretches to complete before and after every run. This iPad and iPhone running app includes a set of instructional videos designed by Dr. Smith, based on his 30 years of experience and extensive education providing chiropractic care.

Train Properly with Stretch&Run

While there’s a wide-variety available on the market, the best iPhone running app focuses on your health. Stretch&Run allows you to learn new stretches and exercises ─ and get a quick refresher on old favorites ─ so you can get a good run in whenever and wherever you want.

Stretch & Run includes the following stretches and exercises:
  • Exercises for Running
  • Stretches for Running
  • Exercise for Neck
  • Stretches for Neck
  • Exercises for Core

These exercises and stretches are exactly what your body needs to stay healthy and strong.

Marathon Training App

Running a marathon or a half marathon is a major accomplishment. Most runners use marathon training apps to plan their workouts, helping to gauge how far to run each day and to set a pace for their desired finishing time. However, one issue commonly overlooked by runners eager to cross the finish line in a marathon or half marathon – and certainly the most important – is injury prevention.

Stretch&Run one of the best marathon training apps, because it teaches you how to run safely. While other marathon and half marathon training apps focus solely on distance and speed, our app places emphasis on keeping your body healthy, which is ultimately the only way to get across the finish line.

Every runner’s worst fear is becoming injured before race day, so don’t let yourself fall into this category. Download Stretch&Run, one of the best half marathon training apps on iTunes, to help you successfully manage the stress that distance running places on the body.