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Pasadena Pacers LA Marathon: Cheer on!

LA Marathon

Fellow Pacers,

Last weekend was the 20th year the Pasadena Pacers has participated and cheered for the runners of the LA Marathon. We had a record turnout of volunteers, food, and beverages this year, but the one thing that impressed me most was the unified intensity that you all exerted toward the runners as they passed by. I have seen greatness before but last Sunday you exceeded that! When you call someone out and cheer for them, the effect isn’t always immediately apparent. If you listen, and you are patient, sometimes you’ll hear back how much they were impacted by your words of encouragement. I have been hearing back from the runners how the travail of their last miles were made light by your encouragement. I look forward to hearing the many cheer station stories from the finishers at the victory breakfast on Saturday morning!

This year was exceptional, in many ways. The organization and precision of the set up, how we all stood uniformly on the line so that everyone could be seen, and again…the intensity of your admiration! You just blew their hair back and sent them down the road, tears streaming, legs spinning and determination blaring! Best of all, when it came time to tear down, pack up and cleanup, there were 23 people who stayed to the very last, exhibiting a level of comradeship and team work that could only be accomplished by a well oiled machine! No one had to work because it was all fun, right to the very end.

Robin has been present at every Pacer cheer station for the last 20 years and every year she says the same words “Wow, that was an inspiration, we did something very special today!” My friends, you did something very special last weekend, more evidence that we are truly capable of magic!

Love you all,

Steve Smith

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