Running Injury Prevention

Dr. Smiths "Run Healthy, Run Strong" book is a
Guide to Injury Prevention & Treatment for Runners

Running books have been written by everyone from professional athletes to amateur runners. However, the best running books are those written by a medical professional who can help runners avoid the one word they dread the most: injury.

As a devoted runner himself, Dr. Smith wrote the book, Run Healthy, Run Strong, to help fellow runners remain active, without causing harm to their bodies. Unfortunately, many people believe that running is as simple as lacing up a pair of tennis shoes and taking off. In this running injury book, Dr. Smith thoroughly explains the science behind staying healthy while participating in the sport, which many people choose to overlook, causing most runners to face injuries.

The book provides a wide-variety of knowledge, including:
  • 44 illustrated exercises, plyometrics, and stretches specifically designed to strengthen key areas for runners
  • Guide to preventing and treating common injuries
  • Safety tips for runners
  • Value of rest
  • Necessity of cross-training
  • Necessity of cross-training
  • ChiRunning principles
  • Tips on buying quality running shoes
  • And so much more

Running is the preferred form of exercise for millions of people, yet it must be done properly, as it is associated with an overwhelming 79 percent rate of injury. Running injury prevention is essential for everyone, especially new runners who don’t train properly.

See What People are Saying…

As an ultra marathoner, your body is your temple and taking great care of it is the only way to continue to do
well in such a high-maintenance and physically demanding sport. Dr. Steve Smith is incredibly knowledgeable about running injuries and his advice and counsel have made the difference in keeping me healthy for tens of thousands of miles. Thank you Dr. Smith for helping me run strong and long. – John Radich, 10 Time Badwater Finisher / Trans USA Runner

Dr. Steve Smith has compiled all the information you need to pursue your passion for running and remain injury free. “Run Healthy, Run Strong” is your guide to maintaining a healthy body, so you can run optimally. Get the most out of your running and enjoy your favorite pastime by following the advice in this book.
– Deena Kastor, Olympic Medalist and Record Holding Marathon Runner

The best and maybe only way to improve as a runner is to avoid injuries. Steve Smith will tell you how. – Hal Higdon, Contributing Editor, ‘Runners World’

In his running injury book, Dr. Smith uses the combined knowledge he gained from a lifetime as a runner and more than 30 years of experience working as a chiropractor, to educate you on how to keep your body safe.

Run Healthy, Run Strong offers a wealth of invaluable information designed to strengthen your body and prepare you for the demands the sport places on the body.

If you’re one of the 43 million runners in America, running injury prevention should be your top priority. Before you start training for your next big race, or even your next leisurely run through your local park, read this running injury book to make sure you’re doing what it takes to keep your body healthy.

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