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Around The Dinner Table: Gratitude

Grateful In Pasadena - A Feeling That Should Not Be Reserved For Only One Time A Year

Many years ago I use to be the Scoutmaster for local Troop 355. 

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Every year for about the ten years we would give out handmade ink pens to those who served the troop. Those pens were made by Scouts from the troop. They are constructed out of a beautiful hardwood that came from the wood shop of a great man. He was an Eagle Scout. In his final moments of life, as he lay dying, he had a peaceful conversation with his grandson about becoming an Eagle Scout. The grandson told his grandpa that he would indeed achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. It was his last conversation and he died a few minutes later. The wood those pens were made of wood that came from his very shop. 

chiropractor Pasadena Steve smith

It occurred to me that people don’t use ink pens as much as they used to. The internet, text messages, and social media have all but eliminated the need for the handwritten word. People use the pen to sign things mostly, which means that when you use a pen it’s usually important. I would tell recipients that the writing instrument you now held was handmade by scouts from Troop 355. It is given from their hands to yours. Those pens were all connected because they all came from one piece of rare and beautiful wood. It reminds us that we are all part of something rare and beautiful and we too, are part of something greater than ourselves.

chiropractor Pasadena steve smith

As I reflect on my past experiences and this particular time of year, I resolve that I am going to say “Thank You” more often, I’ll start today and work from the home and reach outward to the people I work with and then onward to the community. I woke up this morning and realized that I am on the best country on earth, in the best state, and I have the finest friends and the best family I could possibly have.

chiropractor Pasadena Steve smith

I’ve got a nice package of stationery and I vow to use it up this month, saying “thanks”. 

By the way, thank you to each and every one you for being my friends.

Warmest Regards,
Steve Smith - Your friendly, neighborhood Pasadena Chiropractor

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