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  • The Distinction Between Interested and Interesting
    Dr. Smith muses on why "interested" people are the most "interesting". Read more
  • Post Long Run Recovery
    Avoid injuries by recovering properly after your long runs Read more
  • Tough Runs
    Our daily habits teach us how to respond in situations of dire distress. What do your daily habits say about you? Read more
  • Taking Joy In The Achievement Of Others
    On a day were everyone stepping to the starting line is a hero, let us not forget the unsung heroes lining the marathon route Read more
  • Marathon History
    Women's marathon running has come a long way in the past century these are just a few of the more interesting factoids and tidbits Read more
  • My Aching Back
    There are many reasons you may be having back pain, odds are that your friends well meant suggestion is not one of them. Read more
  • Neck Whiplash Pain
    The pain in your neck you feel after a car accident may not occur immediately. How to recognize and treat neck whiplash pain. Read more
  • Taper Madness
    The 2 weeks before a marathon can be a nerve wrecking time for runners. Here is Dr. Smith's list of everything you need to do to make the most of your taper Read more
  • Around The Dinner Table: Enthusiasm
    Dr. Smith remembers the power being enthusiastic played in shaping a friend's life for the better. Read more
  • Training To Avoid Injuries
    Most runners train and train, they go from race to race solely because their friends are running it but they never get better. Here is why! Read more

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