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  • Around the Dinner Table: Be Industrious
    I pass under a little bridge on my way to and from work nearly every day. It’s a strange little bridge, a product of quirky neighborhood planning, but loved for Read more
  • Taper Madness
    You are about two weeks away from the Big Race. It has been months of early rising, suiting up in your running gear, and heading out the door with your Read more
  • Reflections on the 2017 LA Marathon
    Today was the 21st year the Pacers Running Club ran the Los Angeles Marathon. I really don’t know how many of our runners participated, maybe 200, maybe less. I’m not Read more
  • Become a Life-Bender: Volunteer
    There are some people who can bend life to their own will. They can shape the universe to their own liking and they have the ability to shape your life Read more

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