Neck & Back Pain

Ready to make your back & neck pain a thing of the past? Learn what makes our treatment approach at the Smith Chiropractic Clinic unique, leaving our patients satisfied and ready to enjoy a pain-free, active lifestyle once again.

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Running & Injury Prevention Book

Dr. Steve Smith wrote, Run Healthy, Run Strong, to help his fellow runners participate in the sport without injuring their bodies. Offering valuable running advice and more than 44 illustrated exercises and stretches, the book is an essential for every runner.

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Stretch & Exercise iPhone App

Download our Stretch&Run iPhone and iPad app containing all the necessary stretches to complete before and after each run, to keep your body healthy and avoid painful injuries - an essential for all busy runners on the go.

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"I believe we can raise the health and spirit of mankind through fitness." - Dr. Smith

Professional Expertise

1Dr. Steve Smith has extensive experience treating clients suffering from a wide variety of health issues. He treats and prevents neck, back and spine injury, as well as leg and ankle injuries sustained from running.

Concern for your Health

2We understand that sometimes injuries happen, but they shouldn’t cramp your active lifestyle. Our team works with you to create a customized plan to improve your overall health and well-being.

Years in Practice

3When looking for a Pasadena chiropractor, why not choose a seasoned professional: Dr. Steve Smith has been an orthopedic chiropractor for more than 30 years and has extensive education in chiropractic care.

Why we do What we Do

4Our team is committed to improving the health of the community where we live and work. We take pride in helping our patients prevent and overcome injuries, to maintain an active lifestyle and doing it with a smile.

Pasadena Chiropractor

When searching for a Pasadena chiropractor, choose a professional who understands your commitment to healthy living. Injuries are meant to be treated, so don’t let the pain you’re experiencing hold you back from the active lifestyle you enjoy.

Dr. Steve Smith is personally and professionally dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. As a sports athletic chiropractor, he provides full service orthopedic care to clients in the Pasadena, San Gabriel, and Los Angeles area. In addition to offering expertise in traditional chiropractic care, Dr. Smith’s passion for keeping up with the latest advances in health care ensures his patients receive only the best treatment.

There’s no one way to care for an injury. We understand that each of our patients have unique needs, which is why we create a custom treatment plan just for you, including specialized stretches, adjustments, therapy and exercises specially designed to get you back into peak physical condition.

Our practice extends beyond the traditional responsibilities of a chiropractor. Pasadena is our hometown and we’re an active part of the community. Dr. Smith supports many local organizations and businesses, including the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training and Pasadena’s premier footwear shop for running enthusiasts, Run with Us.

Running Injury Prevention

As a running enthusiast himself, Dr. Smith knows the unique needs of a runner and the best treatment options to support the strain that running places on the body. In fact, Dr. Smith and his wife founded a running club, the Pasadena Pacers, as well as a marathon travel group, Runaway Tours.

Dr. Smith has even written a running injury prevention book, “Run Healthy Run Strong”, providing advice on how to run better, stronger, and with less chance of injury ─ along with easy stretches and exercises ─ to runners unable to come into his office for a visit. He also created an iPhone Running App, Stretch & Run which is available in the iTunes store.

We strongly believe in the value of an active lifestyle and are dedicated to helping our patients learn running injury prevention techniques, to make exercise both enjoyable and effective. Dr. Smith will work with you to create a customized chiropractic plan that fits your lifestyle and fitness goals.

There are many qualified chiropractors in Pasadena, but Dr. Smith offers a combination of professional expertise and passion for an active lifestyle that makes him unique. Give our office a call today (626) 792-1221 and schedule your first appointment!